Cleanpower and Painting Corporation
August 16, 2016

Pressure wash, seal and paint the exterior of my 2-story home.

Lisa and her team embody professionalism and QUALITY.  I have an attention to detail, and Lisa was 100% at ease walking me through all the steps and care they would take while prepping and painting my home.  My wife and I had just bought this house in Oakland Park, and although it was only 5 years old, it had been a rental and needed a lot of TLC where the original builder had cut costs to build it.  There was no caulking around ANY of the exterior windows, and the “paint” that was initially on the home seemed more like a primer that would come off on your hand.  Lisa ensured me that all cracks in the paint would be repaired (not just painted over), and that caulking would be applied everywhere that was needed, including at the concrete seams in the wall that had begun to crack.  She also said that it would be properly pressure washed and sealed with a material that goes on like clear glue.  That really sounded nice to me, as the house is concrete and was in dire need of protection from the elements. To say that we are pleased is an understatement.  Our house is now properly sealed and painted, and it feels like the cement has a coat of armor on it now (apparently, that sealer was very good and so is the paint quality).  The colors came out beautiful and we are happy customers.  Thank you, Lisa, and your entire team for a top-notch, professional result.

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