Cleanpower and Painting Corporation
February 6, 2018

Wallpaper removal, plaster patching, painting.

16 ft. hallway and two full baths needed I would guess about 20 year old wallpaper stripped, plaster walls repaired and prepped, primed and painted. A crew of 3 spent 8 hours , two days and one to finish it up the third day. This was all started the day after owner Lisa came to my home and gave me a bid. These guys worked like mice and were so quiet I had to force them to listen to music while they worked! ( Directv latino pop, is a great choice) There were multiple steps that had to be done to complete this job,and when they were finished I was nothing short of amazed at the quality and workmanship, it is flawless. These are young men and must have worked along side their fathers, uncles, or grandfathers as toddlers to learn this.. To wrap this up, get two bids from others first, just because that’s what your supposed to do, then hire Lisa and her crew regardless of her bid.

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